Team Building for Remote Workers

Do Virtual Events Work?

Do Virtual Events Work?

The Great Race

Our best-selling scavenger hunt activity has gone remote for remote teams! This virtual team building activity is inspired by television’s Amazing Race – a popular competition in which teams travel the world. 

Your remote teams will have a great time during this virtual scavenger hunt that celebrates travel! Individuals playing from home, work together as a team to participate in a variety of challenges. 

Team communication is key and facilitated through your preferred video chat platform. Challenges include “routes,” with travel-related trivia questions, clues, and photo tasks; “detours” which allow players to choose which of 2 tasks they prefer to complete; high-scoring “fast forward” challenges; and “roadblock” challenges. 

The goal is to score more points than any other team before you cross the finish line. Finally, when the journey ends, a link to a presentation of photos taken during the online hunt is shared for all to enjoy.

Main Street Mystery

A mysterious call has come into Main Street’s police department…the caller identified that they witnessed a crime, but they are unwilling to report it outright. Instead, they’ve submitted a list of suspects, crimes, and locations for detectives to pare down. 

We need your group’s help in eliminating suspects, crimes, and locations to help us make an arrest. Players must prove themselves worthy of assisting with the investigation by completing a series of tasks. 

Tasks include analyzing fingerprints, identifying information found in a series of “killer” song clips, and rearranging scraps of a note to reveal a secret message. At the end of this virtual game, your team of detectives should be able to identify who did what and where to earn major points.  

But, just as every good detective needs to make their case, so too do the teams!  Therefore, the closing task finds them presenting their argument to support their deduction and the more imaginative the accusation, the more points they’ll earn!

All the team enjoyed the game. . .

Customer service was excellent. The game went well without any hiccups. 

All the team enjoyed the game, and I would definitely use Wildly Different again and recommend them to friends and colleagues. 

   ~ Rebecca M., AllianceBernstein

Client Feedback

The event exceeded my expectations. . .

From the first contact with Kerri to the game with Maria - everyone was so helpful and professional. 

The event exceeded my expectations and our entire team enjoyed themselves. I love how you were able to handle 80 people in and out of the main Zoom to their teams and back. It was flawless fun!!

   ~ Renee E., General Motors

SO easy to work with. . . 

SO easy to work with- the team had so much fun and we will definitely be in touch in the future!!!

   ~Jacquelyn M., Capital One

Cannot even remember the last time our team had so much fun. . .

I cannot even remember the last time our team had so much fun together.  Your organization skills, can-do and upbeat approach truly made us forget our jam-packed schedule.

   ~Shirley T., Amazon

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Some of Our Most Popular Events. . .

Custom Events Designed for Your Business

This virtual mystery really rocks, because in it, your group is transformed into a rock band. The mystery? You’ve woken up one hour before showtime and discovered that essential items you need for your show are missing. 

You must first find the keys to your tour bus and then revisit your last few locations to find where you left your setlist, backstage passes, and most importantly, your lead guitarist! Your group must strike the right chord to find the items and put points on the board by completing a variety of challenges.

Teammates will collaborate over Zoom (or your preferred meeting platform) while completing tasks on their mobile devices. Sample challenges include, identifying a series of “on the road” themed songs to see where you’ve been and where you need to go, using the names and numbers of the songs on a jukebox to solve a clue, and more. 

The game ends with the live Game Master bringing everyone back and revealing which team rocked the most points, ending the game on a high note!

In a Jam - A Rockin' Mystery

Undercover Escape

This virtual experience begins when your team of “spies” awake in a hotel room only to find out that their “cover” has been blown. 

Messages from Mission Central direct teams as they each view the clues in the hotel room, train station, and airport on their own devices. 

These clues are meant to covertly get them, and only them, to their new credentials and plane ticket which are safely stored in a locker at the airport. 

Clues involve recorded voice mail messages, “bugged” plants, song clips, ciphers, and more. The team that earns the most points by gathering information and solving clues is the winner. 

Team Building for People Who Hate Team Building

The Wildly Different Advantage

Our virtual games and team bonding events are perfect for remote teams of all sizes! No matter where they are located, your group will be able to collaborate and stay connected.

Since starting our Play Outside the Cubicle “mantra” in 2003 we continue to impress our high-end corporate clients. We develop strong relationships with our clients because let’s face it, we recognize the value of doing business with people we know, and like.

How We're Different

Our virtual activities are conducted live by our Wildly Different Game Masters so you, the planner, will be at ease knowing your virtual team experience is in the hands of professionals.

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The event exceeded my expectations . . .
 ~ Renee E.,  General Motors

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The event exceeded my expectations . . .
~ Renee E.,  General Motors

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